Forex is formed at the expense of the intersection of various trading sessions. European, American and others have their own distinctive features that are used by various speculators. It remains only to choose the principle of trade, which most closely suits us. For example, in the Asian session most often engaged in scalping, in the European market opposite often on many currency pairs as if awakened. Separately from all others, the American session, which is know ... Read more »

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  It would seem that Russia is a big country, a significant participant in world politics, the economic environment, however, the Russian ruble is not very interesting for financiers in the foreign exchange market. At Forex, many brokers offer their clients to work on currency pairs with a ruble, but this tool is not popular in popularity. The liquidity of such pairs is rather low, not comparable to similar indicators of other instruments like EurUsd. Perhaps this situation is due to the lack of a strong foreign exchange market in Russia. It is this platform that could become an excellent springboard for strengthening the ruble among speculators around the world.

Of course, speculators alone may not be enough to revive market trade. It requires a more serious impact on the part of banks, investment funds and so on. Interest in the national currency of the Russian Federation in the world is very modest. O ... Read more »

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 Analysts in the foreign exchange market are very widespread. They offer their forecasts to everyone, as a rule, for free, though, experts have won the trust, they can consult people on a fee basis. Each of their forecasts should be perceived only as recommendations based on their own opinion about the situation that is in the market. Naturally, it is not necessary to talk about some kind of objectivity in this case. Some experts can use in their work a technical analysis, other fundamental, third still something. Sometimes, the ways in which a person analyzes a market situation can only be amazed by his illogicalness, and even by frank stupidity.

Not faced with the analysis of price behavior based on the motion of planets? And how is the option of forecasting a situation based on intuition or dreams? And all this is used by some analysts to compile another forecast. Well yet, if a person is openly decla ... Read more »

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We all choose the possible options for working in the foreign exchange market at the very beginning of its trader's path. There is a huge amount of different methods of working with the use of certain tools on Forex. In addition to a variety of systems, people can determine with intuitive decision-making, with a general attitude to this type of trade. Some speculators can use this method, believing that their intuition is an important element of the trading process, others that intuition on the contrary only prevents a trader. The opposite of the intuitive approach to work is system trading on Forex.

Systemic way of working in the foreign exchange market involves the use of clear rules of conduct of the speculator in a given work situation. In this case, a model of the entire behavior of the trader is created, the use of planning the future actions on the market, according to all possible situations assoc ... Read more »

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What could come to the aid of a currency speculator who wants to squeeze the maximum profit from his trade? If before there was a millimeter paper and a pencil, then today it is, at a minimum, a computer. But we need to look more closely at the work of the speculator, considering that all his actions can have different effectiveness depending on what he uses during his trading. At first glance, the trader has not such a large range of trading instruments, but if we we will remember what can help us on Forex, then we may well be able to remember a few interesting things.

     First, if the trader has decided to trade hands, then he has the opportunity to use indicators to change the appearance of the working terminal. In this case, a person sees the same quotes, but in a slightly different light. On the other hand, indicators can be used in the construction of an automatic trading syst ... Read more »

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One day he did not pay much attention, and recently, through one of the search engines, found a large number of brokerage companies that are not widely known in the network. It became interesting that it turned out to be a reason to search yet, but it was purposeful. As a result, I discovered that there are indeed regional DPs, as well as companies that claim to be more widespread in the network, and maybe wandering to other countries. It was interesting to get acquainted with various organizations that provide services on Forex.

Honestly, such "brokers" are more likely to be thrown off on a shredder. Certain conditions are offered, registration is not clear, support is working, it's got. There is virtually no doubt that the data from the DC does not lead any customer out of money, hoping for a "quiet deposit of deposits." If suddenly the trader starts to earn, then the company ... Read more »

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It is known that a person can not be impartial in matters related to his welfare. So it turns out that the currency market does not leave us the choice, confronting traders with anxiety, fears, feelings, and so on. Every time we open a deal, we risk a part of our deposit. Taking into account that there are no transactions in the trading that guarantee the profit of the speculator, we have to act somewhat cautiously, not forgetting that the risk persists constantly. All this creates psychological pressure on the trader, as if he did not resist this process.

What exactly can be manifested when trading on the market, in addition to the aforementioned fears, worries, and experiences? Oddly enough, even the joy of a speculator is one of the reasons for getting them losses in their work. Imagine that the man was delighted with the profit that he received in the last week. It may now seem to him that he has learned ... Read more »

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Why do you need to break the time of the market on conditional periods? It may seem that there is no difference at what time of day trading on Forex. On the other hand, talking about the monotony of quotes is just not easy. The trading session is called either the calendar day during which the currency market is operating or the time period is limited to a certain interval from the next interval suitable for our trade. For example, a person can say that he wants to work from 12-00 to 16-00 in his local time. This means that its trading session will be equal to the period between 12-00 and 16-00. Before the next trading session, he will have time, in this case is equal to 20 hours.

The choice of such a trading session can be characterized by different characteristics of the needs of the trader. For example, a trader needs a period of time during which the volatility of the market should be maximized by the ins ... Read more »

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Maybe in the foreign exchange market create something completely new, which has not met before in the market? This question does not rarely appear in people who are ready to look for new variants of trade, if the old ones are no longer capable of giving any positive results. Having tested a lot of systems, the speculator can already despair, believing that nothing helps to steady profit trading. In this case, the trader tries to come up with something of his own, sometimes losing in absolutely not logical extremes. There is a feeling that it makes no sense to look for something already existing.

On the one hand, it is difficult to immediately recall that such a useful traders in trading methods have been invented over the past few years. Tools often used by speculators are generally well-known and used by a large number of people. This means that many traders are in the same conditions, however, when using th ... Read more »

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New traders are constantly coming to the currency market. Every day, the number of speculators involved in Forex is increasing. Here you can meet and students who want to be able to earn money while they are busy with their own education, as well as retirees who have free time. There are no age restrictions that would prevent people from participating in trading. Previously, the main clients of brokerage companies were middle-aged people who have the financial ability to replenish the deposit with a significant amount and trade, but now anyone can begin to engage in speculation. The customer accounts have opened access to Forex to everyone who wishes.

What skills do you need to own in order to successfully work in the market? In fact, it is difficult to identify certain criteria for assessing the prospects of newcomers. In addition, it is practically impossible to have knowledge useful for trading, if you hav ... Read more »

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