The most commonplace for most beginner traders is trade in the market. This is expressed in the use of ordinary orders for the purchase or sale of a trading instrument. Buttons BUY and SELL quickly become one of the most sought after currency speculators, allowing people to carry out transactions on Forex. What could be simpler than pushing just one button and immediately opening a market operation? The second option for opening new positions is the use of pending orders. Apart from the possibility of concluding an agreement with the price we choose, even if we do not have a terminal, the pending orders have some more advantages on the market.

Interestingly, but skilled speculators who have been working for a long time on Forex, are trying to transfer their trading is precisely to conclude transactions with delayed orders. At the same time, it's not at all necessary to part from the computer, although thi ... Read more »

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Traders who recently traded on the Forex, as a rule, do not have a question, should invest their money in someone else's trade. Most newcomers expect in the near future to learn how to profitably trade in the market to independently engage in an increase in their own deposit. Why send funds to another manager, if you can work independently and not to share with anyone? Moreover, it is desirable to do everything for ourselves, and not to trust our own money to another person, little or how he will dispose of them there, what risks it will cause.

Naturally, this is just one of the points of view, as mentioned above, which is most commonly found in beginners traders. They hope to achieve everything on their own and in the shortest possible time. Will you learn so quickly and start making money? This is an issue that you can most often answer - no, it will not work. At least a few years you need a speculator ... Read more »

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Traders with experience in the currency and stock markets often say that it is enough to learn how to trade on one of them to achieve good results on the other. Or is it really, you can check it by trying to work on two sites at once. But, as a rule, people try to "not sit on two chairs right away", choosing only one option for themselves. At the same time, as seen personally by me (this is a subjective impression), there are more observed transitions from the currency market to the stock market, and not vice versa. What could be the reasons for such a change?

First, stock market enthusiasts can immediately say that their activities are fully legalized. In this they will be right, because the law fully protects traders trading in the Russian stock market. At the same time, there is no problem paying taxes, and in case of a conflict between the speculators and the company, you can always go to court. ... Read more »

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Beginners speculators on Forex are often surprised that people buy and sell what you can not see, feel. Each purchase is a contract denoting the right to a certain amount of trading instrument. It's kind of air, a virtual product that many traders will never see live. Is it good or bad? I do not know, but some concerns about such a feature of the currency market are still causing people who have been trading recently.

On the one hand, it is not so important that we bought and sold, but on the difference of courses to be able to earn money on their own. On the other hand, when we buy the volume of the instrument on the market, we do not get anything in hand. If success can not be achieved, then a person will not have anything, unlike trading, for example, some kind of physical commodity that has physical data.

The person's perception of buying a certain amou ... Read more »

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What would I like for a person who has decided to become a Forex trader? First, such a speculator would like to have a guarantee that he will not lose the capital that he uses in his work. Secondly, that the amount of earnings received as a result of trading, from his point of view is justified. Thirdly, in order to work without much tension, and the profit was stable at the same time. Could all this be ensured in their work in the foreign exchange market? I will try to answer below, adding a few more important work points.

There is no guarantee that the trader will not lose his or her capital in full or in part. Any deal is somewhat uncertain. The position may close as profitable for the speculator as well as with losses, while the negative variant is also quite probable, even if the man was very confident in his decision on the market. Will the trader earn money? Of course, every speculator can make ... Read more »

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For trading on Forex, every currency speculator requires a trading account. It represents a deposit, which contains a certain amount of money. With the help of the capital held on the trading account, the trader can enter into deals by buying and selling certain volumes of trading instruments. This means that the more money the speculator has, the greater the volume of the deal may be in the market at the same time as the former. The size of the account does not, as a rule, affect the success of the trade, but exerts pressure on the revenue side in the money. In other words, it is easier to earn some amount of profit by having a bigger capital than a small one.

How does the account replenish? There are already a large number of different options, such as bank transfer, electronic payments, checks, and so on. Probably one of the most common ways is to replenish a deposit from a bank card or through one of the ... Read more »

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Work in the foreign exchange market involves the need to buy and sell trading instruments. This means that we act as a buyer when the currency pair price seems to be low, then as a seller, when the instrument is the opposite in value. At the same time, the decision to close the position, as a rule, appears not just so. It is based on a change in the trends projected by the speculator. For example, if a currency pair is cheap enough to acquire a certain amount of it, then the person is in no hurry to make a purchase. An experienced trader will wait for a moment when the cost of the instrument will slow down and the probability that the market will change the trend will increase, that is, the price will go up.

Cheap and expensive for Forex values ​​are relative. Today, one price is low, tomorrow it will be considered high. It is difficult to choose a single criterion for assessing the price of a currency pair w ... Read more »

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Sometimes there are questions regarding the formation of the market. It's hard to imagine that Forex is just a system where currency exchanges take place. Immediately there is the idea that there should be some organization, a structure where people work, which provides the viability of the entire foreign exchange market. In fact, there is no room. This is the system that connects counterparts who want to buy some currencies for others. It involves banks, corporations, private traders, and so on. All of them are part of a system that can handle billions of dollars a day.

The price is known to be formed by traders' requests for purchase and sale. This means that the advantage of purchases, for example, will immediately increase the value of the product (currency pair). A variety of factors can affect the market, the behavior of participants. Events may not be related at first glance to the foreign exch ... Read more »

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Forex traders are already accustomed to the fact that virtually every company offering its services on Forex is registered in one of the offshore zones. Few have "their roots" sprouting from Russia officially. Therefore, there are several reasons for the phenomenon, including the abandonment of taxes, as well as the attention of law enforcement agencies. One thing is, when a company is registered in the same country as its client, but quite different when she is offshore. A man will think several times before contacting international courts.

Opening a company offshore is not difficult, and acting through intermediaries specializing in such operations, it is easy. The cost of this event varies depending on the country of registration. As a rule, a few thousand dollars is enough to get a ready-made organization.

An example of a modern financial regulator. ... Read more »

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There was a desire to think a bit about short-term trade. Such a popular method of work is already so commonplace that the question of its relevance, as a rule, does not even rise. At the same time, scalping is not a profitable way of trading in terms of mathematics, and probability theory. Everything is very simple, the larger the part itself represents the spread in the deal, the less advantageous to work in this way. A simple example: spread = 3 points, one speculator is a scalper, the other is a medium term. The first trader will close the deal with a profit of 10 points and give at this point 3dilending center, the second man will cover the position of the results of 200 points of profit and pay the same 3 pp. It turns out that one speculator had to divorce from 30% of its profits, and the other with only 1.5%.

And this is just a profit, and what about the losses, as there will also be a spread on each d ... Read more »

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