Trading, of course, can be attributed to seasonal business. Earn, of course, it is possible both on trends, and under the flute, in this it is not necessary to doubt, however, there are features of the trade itself. If speculators who appreciate the sharp market moves, long-lasting trends, and so on, will stumble for a long time in the lateral market, then they will hardly like it. A similar situation is for fans of the fleet, which were in the very peak of trend movements. Understanding the difference in market conditions, we can predict what should be done in one or another situation, to what exactly can begin to prepare, coming to the next season.

Traders who create "financial weather" on Forex, like to take holidays in the summer, postponing trading for the fall of the day. The market may lose the lion's share of liquidity in the summer months, which can not but affect the whole situation as ... Read more »

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In the currency market, money is not printed, not multiplied, does not appear in any other way, except from the pockets of bidder. Banks, companies, investors, and so on, through trading, provide a liquidity market. It turns out that some people make money in the system, others deduce it. Of course, such an example is very simplistic, because if a speculator bought an interest in his asset, it does not mean that he lost his capital. In this case, he has invested in it, but how successful is the second question. At the time of payment of the goods, the cash of the buyer is someone's income.

There were no nuances here, for example, even closing an agreement with losses, we get the money, albeit less, than spent during the purchase of the goods. On the one hand, the counterparty has transferred funds, on the other hand, although we also received a profit, but its value may be less than the cost of purchasing ... Read more »

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Unfortunately, there is no single statistics regarding the brokerage companies working on Forex. Analytical agencies are trying to calculate how many speculators come to the currency market each year, but the error in such calculations is very high. The fact is that they reluctantly share information about the number of new clients that appeared in the company during the reporting period. Thus, the data collected may be overwhelming if brokers decide to upgrade their business or, conversely, understated when the company does not share information at all.

Nevertheless, most analytical agencies agree that the market capacity is growing annually. This means that every year more and more people work in the foreign exchange market. This may be due to the technical availability of trading, as well as a massive advertising campaign deployed on the Internet. Most speculators open their accounts through the global net ... Read more »

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Probably, I was not lucky, however, as well as many other people, beginners to trade on the Forex. There was not a good teacher, some Guru, who could save from mistakes. I understand that the mistakes can be general and individual, but it is just about those that are for all speculators in the market to be mistakes, and not something else. It was not unnecessary for a demo account to hurry to work with a dollar deposit, it was already superfluous. Such a mistake was previously allowed more often, because not all newcomers were aware of the existence of central deposits. Now, in this sense, it's easier, because the data on accounts are already available, it is enough to use the services of any search engine.

It is hardly possible to take seriously the first deposit, which we will try to increase. Rarely, such trade has a positive final, but more often there is a loss of all or almost all capital. Short-ter ... Read more »

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