Forex trading

What exactly trade in the foreign exchange market could be considered a reference? After all, there is some kind of trader's purpose, the kind of trading that would have made him fully. The end result is, of course, profit, and, it is extremely stable. The speculators who want to become stronger on Forex, are not interested in one-time successes, they need to acquire a high level of skill in foreign exchange trading. This need appears because of the understanding that it is impossible not to learn trading, stable earning good money here. As a result, a person feels the need for a clear formulation of his goal, which he will try to achieve.

Forex trading methods, which can not be called promising, will be a threat to long-term successful trading. Here we rarely see averaging, martingale, lokirovanie and so on. The results of model trading can be considered stable growth of profits, which is achieved as a result of professional currency speculation. But what exactly should be the work of the trader, so that his trade could be considered exemplary?

I can offer my point of view on this issue. I believe that trading should not be used: the method of averaging (stakes), martingale trading without Stop Loss, Stop Loss times more Take Profit. Work must be systematic, completely, excluding the participation of emotions, intuition, and so on. All the moments of work related to the human factor must necessarily be eliminated from trading.

My opinion is that what should first be sought is not the high level of profitability, but the maximum stability that can only be imagined. Saving the money that is on our deposit depends on the decisions we have made. The better thought out of all the elements of the strategy, the more reliable the testing methodology, the more likely the stable work in the future.

The ideal, of course, is rarely achieved by speculators. It should be noted that aspirations often prove useless. If you look at the dialogs of traders that are held in different forums, then you can quickly understand that almost all traders are in the constant search for better options for trading. All the time studied systems that were previously created, are being refined, customized for themselves, fully upgraded and so on.

News as a regularity
Every week in the world new data on unemployment of a country, on the situation with real estate markets and so on. Events that can affect the currency market will always be the focus of speculators. Given that such data can be found on any weekday of the week, then you will not have to be bored for sure. Some try to avoid market situations when news is released, while others, on the contrary, are waiting for similar events, trying to earn money for them. Well, most of the important meetings of heads of government and other figures influencing the world economy are known in advance to bidders. The speculator can look into the economic calendar and take the necessary measures.

This is rarely spoken about, maybe because they are considered routine and logical, but the news and their influence on Forex are also some kind of regularities. They forced the trend to change direction, affect the volatility of tools used in trade, throughout all years of market existence. It turns out that people can quite confidently talk about the constant influence of news on his work. Is not such a phenomenon a legitimate one?

So, it's not possible to know in advance what exactly will be given for a particular event, but we know exactly when this or that event will happen. We can only make an assumption about what kind of solution will be found, for example, the G8, which the unemployment rate will be published by the United States, but we know exactly at what time and day the information will be released to the market. Much of you can use in your daily work in the currency market, but it is desirable to notice what exactly we can give one or another information.

Modern system trading is a work in the market using regularities, it is a constant process of modernization of our strategy, it is a search of the laws that allow us to improve our trade. The periodic news release has become as natural as an element of the workflow that many of us may not even consider this factor as one of the regularities on Forex. At the same time, if we assume with a high probability that when the strong movement in the foreign exchange market begins, it is imperative to use such information.

Let's touch the brokerage bonuses
Gifts, bonuses, contests, all this is very attractive, especially for beginners traders. Brokerage companies do not rarely use such unscrupulous techniques for attracting new customers. On the one hand, there is nothing wrong with giving a speculator some financial incentive to replenish an account or open a deposit, but on the other hand, there can not be any trick in such gifts? As it turned out, a man can easily remain without his money, wishing to take advantage of strangers. About how this may be, let's talk about it.

Mainly dangerous for the trader may be the promise of the broker to provide his client with an additional percentage when replenishing the deposit. For example, the company may promise to increase the amount deposited to the account by 30%. To begin with, you need to think, and in general what does a person need for money on a trading account? First, these funds are needed to open an operation, since a certain pledge must be recorded. Secondly, the capital takes part in the moment of subsidence, when the position turned out to be unprofitable for the trader. In this case, so that the transaction did not close by itself with losses, depriving the speculator of the balance sheet, the cash reserves in the account allows you to leave the position open.

Suppose a person has replenished his deposit by 1000 USD. The broker, as promised, gives the trader another 300 USD. It is not possible to withdraw gift capital, it can only be used in trade. Thus, a deposit of 1300 USD is now at the disposal of a speculator ready for active action. Before you start trading in the foreign exchange market, you need to calculate the optimal lot for work, taking into account the money we have. If the trader had 1000 USD, then, for example, his lot would be 0.1. Let's say that using such a position amount will be sufficient for working with moderate risk.

Having received a bonus, the trader can now manage 1300 USD, which means that the lot would be reasonable to take a size of 0.13. The most interesting thing will happen next, because most companies, giving a client a bonus only in small print, in terms of its use, prescribe that the gift money can not be used at the time of subsidence, as well as can be withdrawn back at any time. It turns out that if a person finds himself at some point in the trade in subsidence, for example, at 1050 USD when working with a lot of 0., 13, then the broker has the right to withdraw their 300 USD. As a result, a speculator simply loses its deposit at one point, counting first on bonus capital.

Before you use a gift, it makes sense to study all the conditions accompanying it. Must be clarified either in the rules of work with clients, or in a detailed description of the terms of the action. Of course, any offer by the seller is displayed on the positive side. Nobody will show those limitations that may be present in the advertised product. Bonuses are no exception, with them it is equally worthwhile to behave neatly, studying all the nuances of their use.