War of Forex reviews

Almost every forum on Forex trading contains a section of reviews of currency speculators about a particular company. People want to know which of the brokers is the best in terms of reliability, trading conditions, who provides bonuses for trading, and so on. The exchange of information is extremely important, since without it it will not be possible to form an objective opinion about a particular situation. The experience of other currency speculators may be perceived as additional information that can affect our own perceptions of the quality of services provided by different organizations. All this understands and the representatives of DC, are trying to influence such information.

If their opinions about a particular company can be left by different people coming to the forum, then the question arises, why would the representatives of DC not act as such traders? Here are the registrations, there are positive opinions about the broker represented by new members of the forum, and reviews of work in competing organizations are written exclusively with a negative color.

As a result, a person who is really looking for an optimal company according to their needs does not read the true thoughts of experienced traders, but only advertising notes from representatives of different DCs. True, most often, it is possible to distinguish "podsadny" from a real speculator. Employees of the company do not bother themselves on the forum, and make registration only in order to leave the recall. Thus, the number of messages created by such people rarely exceeds five.

Well, if employees of the DC wrote only about their company's positive information, pretending to be active currency speculators, but in fact it is not uncommon to deal with defamation. In this case, the claims of the company whose employee left their feedback on the competitor will not succeed, as the message was created by an anonymous user who claims that work through a particular broker was carried out that the quality of services for one reason or another, it was not possible to remain satisfied. .

You can only follow the thoughts of those people who have earned a positive reputation on the forum over time. Such characters are most often traders who are not interested in marketing one of the organizations in vain. Reviews of the newcomers to the Internet resource is better not to take into account seriously, remembering that any similar nickname on the forum may be a representative of the DC.

Inflow of capital
Forex all the time "feeds" with new sums of money coming to him from the outside. Each deal traded by a trader brings some profit to the broker through which the person works. It is absolutely irrelevant to the company whether the client will profit from the completed transaction in the market or not, but the broker must not miss his profit. Thus, by constantly trading on Forex, speculators exchange capital. Who has been able to make money will receive them in fact at the expense of someone's losses, since by themselves the banknotes do not appear on the market. The more transactions occur, the greater the amount that will be received by the traders is reduced, because the share of capital from each new position goes to the broker's disposal.

In order to maintain a balance of money in Forex environment, it is necessary to constantly replenish the system with new capital. Traders who want to increase their working capital, investors who have decided to invest in the work of managers, are one of those variants of replenishment of accounts that are most widespread. A lot of money on the currency market is started by beginners speculators, just trying their hand at Forex. As a rule, the trade of such traders is difficult to call successful, rather, on the contrary, there is a regular loss-making job.
     PAMM - a system that appeared on Forex only a few years ago, contributed to a strong inflow of capital. First of all, it has become connected with the needs of people who do not want to engage in trading on their own, to participate in this process as only investors. Not every person has time, strength, desire to get into the details of a market trade, but there are free funds that you want to multiply. Thanks to the PAMM-system, the investor chooses a liked account, and transfers money to him.

In addition to the flow of capital to the Forex, there is still a cash outflow. First, part of the money goes to brokerage companies that do not invest in their profits in the market. Secondly, traders themselves for various reasons periodically deduct their money. For example, a person can understand that he can not act as a currency speculator, and therefore he can decide to withdraw the remaining funds and go. Similarly, the professionals for whom trading is their main occupation, earning money through their trade, takes them out of the system. Nevertheless, analysts of the financial market annually announce the continuing growth in volumes of funds transferred to trading accounts. The market is growing, it is becoming more popular, demanded by traders.

Mysterious Profit
The so-called "elk" has long been a mysterious traders' beast. Heroes of cartoons, which can only give way to bears and bulls, are constantly at the center of attention of speculators. The locus means running the Stop Loss order. When the trading position of a person is closed behind the foot, they say that he caught a moose. Naturally, no one likes currency speculators to meet elk. Unlike bears, these mythical beings, representing the loss of life, show a drop in the market and bulls, which represents the growth of quotations, have a pronounced negative color.

Profits on the contrary are the desired goal of any trader. It rarely becomes stable in humans, but more often alternates with elk, forcing people to work more actively towards stabilizing the outcome of trade. After all, profits can be obtained by a speculator, even as a result of random trading, built on any system. Everyone can open a position in any way, earn if it comes out to guess the direction of the price movement.

Naturally, it will not be possible to guess at all that sooner or later it will be necessary to systematize trade, but in some cases, it is possible to receive a casual benefit. The mystery of a steady profit is present during probably all work on Forex. It may seem that we know exactly where the price will go in the very near future, but it takes some time, and we are not right. Profit, which was already literally in the pocket, in this case slipped out, demonstrating the uncertainty of the market, perhaps even the chaos in the behavior of prices.

Only a market-proof pattern can have a significant impact on improving performance. Profit is easy if we make mistakes or insufficiently thoroughly tested our strategy. Stability is the goal of a trader, which is much harder to achieve than getting a single profit at a time. Periodic earnings in the foreign exchange market are not highly valued, because sooner or later luck will turn away from the person and he will have to deal with the reality that gives the speculator the probability of earning less than 50%. The reason for such a decrease in the probability of obtaining a profit as a result of trade in a random manner, ispred. It is he who puts pressure on the unprofitable trading, passing the commission to the broker for each transaction made.