American Forex

 Forex is formed at the expense of the intersection of various trading sessions. European, American and others have their own distinctive features that are used by various speculators. It remains only to choose the principle of trade, which most closely suits us. For example, in the Asian session most often engaged in scalping, in the European market opposite often on many currency pairs as if awakened. Separately from all others, the American session, which is known for its liquidity and increased volatility, becomes an outsider.

America remains the most liquid market ever. The money circulation, carried out during the work of the US exchanges, is impressive in its size. At this time, Forex is fond of trading traders who prefer a trendy market willing to take part in the distribution of the pie when the most hungry mouths are gathered at the table. This is a specific market, because in a few seconds during the American trading session you can see a powerful market price movement. The trend, which appeared at the height of the bidding in the US, may have a very significant continuation in the market.

Speculators who prefer quiet trading, more often choose an Asian trading session, avoiding any abandonment of deals to European or American markets. Of course, not all currency pairs are so responsive to changing trading sessions. Some instruments are roughly equally sought after by Americans and Europeans. As a rule, when a currency pair contains one of the currencies of a country's market, then during its work, this tool will be most demanded. For example, a special activity with currency GBP is observed during the work of exchanges in the UK.

Who can be recommended to turn their attention to Forex during the US markets? First of all, these are people who want to carry out operations on trends, and secondly, they are speculators who need the most affordable volatility. These groups of traders will be happy with the opportunities offered by Forex at this time of day. It is believed that predicting the behavior of a market price becomes more difficult when Americans are starting to work. It is possible that this is the case, but we can not say that the market is predicting at any other time, right?

Exhibitions for traders
  Probably exhibitions already have a variety of topics ranging from dental products to boats and building materials. Forex has also decided not to stay aloof, collecting its admirers several times a year in virtually every country. In Russia, the spring and autumn exhibitions have become traditional. You can come to hear seminars held by representatives of participating companies, chat with managers of brokerage companies or get acquainted with colleagues. In any case, such events are interesting even in terms of familiarization with various industry representatives.

Of course, it does not do without sponsors of the event, which are often referred to as gold, silver, bronze, general, and so on. As a rule, a company that decides to become a sponsor of an exhibition is likewise an exhibitor. The amounts given for the right to become a sponsor can vary from 1 to 20 thousand dollars. Judging by the fact that brokers do not refuse to pay, such image advertising is still needed by many. The banners of sponsors are placed in the halls, it is allowed to make a presentation to the representative of the company, inviting the organizers of the exhibition. And now you should pay attention to one more constituent part of the whole event.

The fact that the good tradition of exhibitions was the appearance of a large number of different nominations, such as "Best Broker", "Opening the Year", and so on. The organizers say that the winners are companies that have received the maximum number of votes when they are open to everyone who wishes to vote on the organizers' sites. On such sites you will be able to observe different activities when choosing those or other companies in different nominations. As a rule, only companies that paid for their participation are in the voting list. It turns out that the other brokers who ignored the exhibition are not included in the list of voting companies. Consequently, many of them can not even be chosen by people who want to cast their vote, for example, for the best company of the year.

Another interesting observation regarding the distribution of nominations is interesting. Strangely enough, but it is the sponsors of the exhibition that most often become owners of one or another "prestigious" prize. Such coincidences may be questionable for many participants in financial markets. In general, the main thing for visitors to such events what? The main thing is that it would be interesting, cognitively, that the event they visited was an unforgettable event for them, is it true?)

Trade without a system
What would become of the trader's account if he had stopped using his trading system? In order to answer this question, it is necessary to understand what exactly gives us the use of the system. First, we understand in any situation whether there is a signal to open an operation or not. Secondly, any permutations of Stop Loss or Take Profit would have become accidental, unjustified. Thirdly, a person will cease to understand when the market situation unfolds in his scenario, and if not. This will be manifested in the understanding of what is happening on Forex, because the position opens only when a person evaluated the situation and has already decided to open the operation.

For any decisions made by a person in trade, there are emotions, namely the psychological state of the trader and so on. In identical market situations, human behavior can be quite different, which will be due to the very different mood, emotions that he had in those moments. One time a trader can test the hope that everything will be corrected on the market, and therefore will not close the deal. The next time, a person may on the contrary be afraid that the damage will increase even more, and therefore hurriedly cover the position.

Such inconsistency in human actions in the same market situations can not contribute to the emergence of stability in its work. Trading, built on randomness, is not predictable, which means it will not even be possible to test the history. Systematic trading is not predictable, it depends largely on the personal qualities of a person, his mood, well-being, and so on. The impact of the human factor is so great that, even with a profitable trading strategy, the trader will still suffer financial losses.

Modern trading practically does not allow work on Forex without using the system. Perhaps only adherents of fundamental analysis do not follow strictly certain rules. At the same time, other speculators necessarily create for themselves an algorithm of action for one or another market situation. The technical analysis, based on events that have been in the past, can only be applied in cases of its systematic use in the foreign exchange market. Estimates of price behavior in the past are being carried out, and the data obtained are used to predict the future. Naturally, it is impossible to predict what the mood of a speculator is, which means that it will not succeed in predicting further market development. Forecast for the future is possible only with the use of a systematic approach.

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