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  It would seem that Russia is a big country, a significant participant in world politics, the economic environment, however, the Russian ruble is not very interesting for financiers in the foreign exchange market. At Forex, many brokers offer their clients to work on currency pairs with a ruble, but this tool is not popular in popularity. The liquidity of such pairs is rather low, not comparable to similar indicators of other instruments like EurUsd. Perhaps this situation is due to the lack of a strong foreign exchange market in Russia. It is this platform that could become an excellent springboard for strengthening the ruble among speculators around the world.

Of course, speculators alone may not be enough to revive market trade. It requires a more serious impact on the part of banks, investment funds and so on. Interest in the national currency of the Russian Federation in the world is very modest. Of course, do not compete with the ruble for the euro or the American dollar. Such instruments are highly quoted throughout the world, are actively traded in the markets of all participating countries. On the other hand, even the pound sterling and the Swiss franc found their place on Forex. Perhaps the question largely rests on the short duration of the Russian markets, did not manage to catch up with their colleagues at the moment.

A trader is not obliged to work only with one currency pair, a person can use any number of instruments in his activity. As a rule, the choice of a speculator dwells on the unit that is best suited to work on its trading strategy. Couples do not change randomly, but are determined as a result of testing, when a person chooses the most suitable from many choices. Each trading instrument has its own features that can be used in trading. Different speculators will often need different features of currency pairs. If for some traders the indicator will be important volatility, then for others, for example, the amount of spread.

The current range of trading tools offered by brokers is wide enough, which allows you to quickly choose the option that we need. Each speculator will be able to choose such a pair, which will best suit his needs. Sometimes there is a reverse process of forming a system when at first there is an interesting pattern in the behavior of the market price of a particular currency pair, and only then creates an algorithm of work. Such systems are most often created precisely when studying one or another pair. We saw that, for example, Eur / Usd at the opening of the American market significantly increases its volatility, began to create its own strategy, taking into account the pattern found. The market is not homogeneous, it is changing all the time, but even in the context of such changes, each pair has its own distinctive features.

Modern look of trading
  Only thirty years ago, few of the traders working in the financial markets could have assumed the kind of computerization we are seeing today. Each speculator has a computer, fax, e-mail, thousands of analytics sites, and all sorts of automated software for calculating assistance. Today it's hard to imagine a person who by telephone tells his broker about the purchase or sale of a trading instrument. The easy press of a few keys completely replaced the long conversations, dial-ups required in the past. The current appearance of the trader has changed significantly over the past decades, the currency speculator has become much more independent than before.

What about automatic trading? Could you imagine how the algorithm, enclosed in the program code, performs human functions? No, such daring fantasies are more like dreams, unrelated to reality than the everyday traders of the future. Now, advisers are available to everyone, and, not only for use, but also for adjustment. Time passes, and technological progress embodies the most daring dreams, helps a person to more effectively act, taking on monotonous, routine issues.

Now we can evaluate what tools our past colleagues have available to us today. Taking into account the pace of development of Forex - directions, we can assume that in the near future we will witness the emergence of new tools, opportunities that can not even dream of now. What can change in the currency market in the future? Perhaps it will spread the neural network, and maybe we will face something completely new that does not currently have any analogs or prototypes.

The market does not get rid of a person, as if he does not offer us advisers and scripts. The reality will remain so that only a person can develop something new, because the cars are still devoid of creative component. We can translate into their shoulders the solution to routine monotone tasks, but it is difficult to imagine that the robot himself created a trading system. On the other hand, it was difficult to even dream about the existence of advisors in Forex. It is the impossibility of the existence of something that allows us to feel genuine amazement at the creation of something new.

Trading at work
  We often have to combine Forex trading with our core business. In this case, a person feels inconvenient when trading in the market, because it rarely turns out to focus on the workplace when you need to quickly make a decision. Some speculators come out of the situation with the help of mobile devices, others pay more attention to placing a trading terminal on their work computer. Of course, there is not always such an opportunity, and therefore it makes sense to discuss how else it is possible to go online in order to conclude trade agreements. Variants are different, available to varying degrees in different cases.

For example, mobile devices are now very common, which allow you to set up a terminal, analyze a market situation, do some actions, such as opening and closing transactions, adjusting already opened positions, and so on. The tablets have a sufficient screen size to make the market situation analysis uncomfortable for us. Mobile phones, although grown in recent years, are more suitable for adjusting already open deals than for opening new ones. Yet, the size of their screens do not allow comfortably to trade in the currency market.

Installing a terminal on a work computer may not be able to understand the understanding of the system administrator, as well as the machine may generally be prohibited from installing a new software. In this case, you can try to enter the Air Force, timely opening the house. In this case, we install the terminal on the air force, and trade, going to it through your working computer. In this case, the problem with the use of the terminal disappears by itself. Of course, in such a situation the administrator may notice what you are doing, but the kind of your interests is more likely to be unknown to the observer.

It's more complicated when the work is all the time in the eyes of the leadership, and the computer for our position is not even foreseen. Will not the same trader all the time in the office to open your tablet and periodically do something? Having not solved this problem, speculators postpone their trading time for the evening, engaging in trading only after the main work. Of course, you can do likewise, only in this case, we lose a lot of free time, which could be used for the benefit of trading. Some speculators decide this question for use in the work of automatic systems. As long as the man is absent from the terminal, the advisor performs his routine duties on the market. And that, too, is a very convenient option.

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