Small brokers in the foreign exchange market

One day he did not pay much attention, and recently, through one of the search engines, found a large number of brokerage companies that are not widely known in the network. It became interesting that it turned out to be a reason to search yet, but it was purposeful. As a result, I discovered that there are indeed regional DPs, as well as companies that claim to be more widespread in the network, and maybe wandering to other countries. It was interesting to get acquainted with various organizations that provide services on Forex.

Honestly, such "brokers" are more likely to be thrown off on a shredder. Certain conditions are offered, registration is not clear, support is working, it's got. There is virtually no doubt that the data from the DC does not lead any customer out of money, hoping for a "quiet deposit of deposits." If suddenly the trader starts to earn, then the company will do its best to make money in trade all the same lost. On the other hand, when a person, having earned, decides to withdraw his capital, it can banally not give up money, having invented a refusal. In principle, there were, as it became known to me, such cases, when the DC did not even strain to think of the reason why the funds were not transferred to the client .

Personally, it would be terrible for me to open and replenish a trading account in similar organizations. Well, if the trader is a newcomer and deposited $ 50 to study, but if it comes to more solid amounts, then it is worth exploring reviews, getting to know the history of the company more tightly. True, even start your career in small, nobody knows the office at all, why. Immediately the impression of trading as a whole may be spoiled. There are currently not many companies that have proven themselves to be the most positive aspects. Why not use their services?

Large brokerage companies work with a huge number of clients around the world. Their turnovers are so great that someone earning tens of thousands of dollars in earnings will not play a role for them. Such organizations pose authority in the first place, knowing that rumors spread quickly over the network, which can easily lose their reputation, and along with it the solid customer flow will disappear. Even some speculators will be quite experienced in order to earn some money. It is easier for companies to make a profit with a few to show their solvency to thousands of their customers.

Payment of invoices by trading results
Yesterday I watched an interesting situation, and now I decided to share it. I have a good friend who equally trades on Forex. He has some successes, we can say that he has already made a step in the world of profitable trading with one foot. So, yesterday we decided to meet him in a cafe and talk. The old agreement about what he pays, the second time I and so on, has been around for several years now. So it's more convenient for everyone not to think how much money came out, then the need to snatch and look for small bills, in general, inconvenient. That's how the events with the payment of the account developed yesterday, I'm telling you further.

Without carrying cash with me, this is a way of life for my boyfriend, he constantly pays a debit card of one of the banks. Passing the plastic bill to the waiter, we talked for some time when it became known that the payment did not pass. "Probably the money is over," says my friend. I do not see a special problem to pay by myself, but a colleague states that it is not worth worrying, and turns to a laptop, which served as a field for us to discuss one of the elements of the TC.

I will not advertise a company in which my colleague's deposit opened, but it did not take a minute to order a withdrawal of some amount on a purse in the Webmoney system. The connected automatic withdrawal of funds fulfilled its obligation in a matter of seconds. Everyone, the money came to the purse. Next, the interlocutor makes a phone call to a friend who periodically sells webmoney. Title signs are transferred to his person, and he within a couple of minutes from his bank card sends the specified amount to the trader's card. Everything, the process is completed, on the plastic appeared a certain amount, and the time for all manipulations took about 5-6 minutes.

That's where I was thinking how powerful human capabilities could be, how many actions can be taken in a few minutes, without even leaving the cafe. There is nothing surprising in all of the above process, but convenience, in my opinion, is pleasantly surprising. Even if the money is over, then you can quickly transfer capital from your trading account and take advantage of it without any problems. All the same actions could be taken from your phone if there was no laptop at hand. Just imagine, because in the past, it took a lot more time for a person to take such actions than now.

Contests on real accounts
Of course, many traders know about periodic contests for Forex. There are various tournaments, competitions held on demo accounts. The company receives a new client familiar with the terms and conditions offered by the broker and are subject to additional functions provided by the organization. In any case, the more people get to know more about work in a certain DC, the better for the company itself. Man does not lose anything by taking part in such events, since the financial cost in this case is completely absent. It remains only to hope that luck will smile and the trader will win others.

Broker is not too much spent on the organization of this competition, because its cash expenses will be limited only by the amount of prizes. At the same time, the company can create a positive mood for all participants of the event. Demo accounts, as a rule, open quickly, so there is no difficulty in registering a deposit from potential contestants. In the best case, the trader will receive a cash prize, at worst, it will only waste time trading.

A completely different case can be called contests on real accounts. In this variant, more responsibility at the expense of the trader. One thing is to overstate the risks of trading on a demo account, when a person loses money in the event of a loss of a deposit. There is a completely different situation when it comes to risks with real capital. In this case, one should seriously think, and should we increase the lots when our money is on the horse? The benefit of brokers is clear, because participation in the competition motivates a person to overestimate the risks, to work in large lots. Even if you need a person to over-risk their capital in this situation, remains a matter.

The only thing that some traders would have dared so risk in the first place is, in my opinion, very large monetary prizes. Only for the sake of the opportunity to take a prize place, a person can decide on overstatement of risks when working on a deposit. Even in this case it is necessary to understand that the overpriced risks can lead to a loss of the deposit. In addition to the risks, even if a person managed to earn money during the competition, but did not win the prize, his actions may be unjustified. Remember, contests on real deposits are fairly risky trading. Constantly taking part in such events, the trader can become accustomed to excessive risk in his work.


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