Systemic approach to Forex trading

We all choose the possible options for working in the foreign exchange market at the very beginning of its trader's path. There is a huge amount of different methods of working with the use of certain tools on Forex. In addition to a variety of systems, people can determine with intuitive decision-making, with a general attitude to this type of trade. Some speculators can use this method, believing that their intuition is an important element of the trading process, others that intuition on the contrary only prevents a trader. The opposite of the intuitive approach to work is system trading on Forex.

Systemic way of working in the foreign exchange market involves the use of clear rules of conduct of the speculator in a given work situation. In this case, a model of the entire behavior of the trader is created, the use of planning the future actions on the market, according to all possible situations associated with the movement of market prices. Of course, a person can not predict what will happen on Forex, but there is no obligation to stay on the market, all the time have open deals.

One can definitely say that the use of the system approach to Forex justifies itself. There are a large number of monitoring accounts of various currency speculators that show positive work for a long time. Even based on the results of the trade in data specialists, we can say that system trading is worth attention.

How convenient is the system approach to work? The fact is that a novice speculator can not have sufficient experience to succeed on the market. He needs to learn a lot more, get his "market cones". By this moment, a person can not count even on intuition. Another newcomer who has decided to choose a system trade for himself, on the contrary, can immediately begin to actively act, engaging in the device of various strategies.

Relying on your work plan is much easier and more reliable than relying on intuition. It is necessary to understand the positive aspects of structured Forex trading points, trading, based on experience, guesswork, intuition. Strategic planning of a trader will have a positive effect on his psychological state. A person takes responsibility for deciding whether to open or close an agreement that may interfere with him in trade, since all actions are carried out only in accordance with the signals received from the system.

Trading in vain
Probably, many traders, after reading the title of the topic, will say that they are precisely against any chance of trading, that they are trying to minimize all this kind of event. Probably, in something we all are right, because trade at random seems to be a perfect absurdity. On the other hand, so much the work on the currency market of most of us is different from the execution of random actions? I already imagine the outraged voices of speculators who are in a hurry to say that they accurately think of each of their agreements entering the market only with the probability of a correct solution, for example, more than 70%, and so on. Perhaps, again, everything turns out to be logical, but market statistics say that more than 90% of traders lose their money, although, in theory, they are very attentive to each of their contracts, right?

The point may be that we can often analyze each individual transaction, in spite of the picture of trading as a whole. In this case, it is necessary to recognize the absence of a clear trading system, which has clear rules of trade, does not suffer from subjectivism. Trade can be either systemic, when the trader at any time knows what to do, based on the rules of his TOR, or intuitive, situational, when each new agreement for a person is nothing but a separate situation. The latter version is very similar to trade at random, because we actually think, without having a clear statistics on this issue. As a speculator made a decision based on the signals of his system, one could talk about statistics, but in the case when each operation is individual , there is no such opportunity.

We may think that we have very carefully analyzed the market situation, that our forecasts for this transaction are fairly accurate, but this suggestion is actually in line with this, this is a big issue. There are no such situations when a speculator thinks that he has correctly evaluated everything with a probability of 100%. In any case, there will be some error, because all the factors affecting the market price can not be taken into account. We are always building assumptions about what will happen next to the price, how it affects a particular event. Whether we will conduct such an assessment systematically or randomly depends on us, but unsystematic trade can immediately be considered work at random.

Basic knowledge of currency speculator

To study Forex trading systems, market analysis methods, people need to learn the basics of trading. For this purpose, the materials used are dedicated to the currency market itself, its device, as well as to the bidders. Gaining general knowledge in the study of Forex information, the speculator better understands the very principle of formation of market prices, gets acquainted with the factors that affect the market. Not having an idea of ​​what works on the market, and what is not, a person will not be able to assess the degree of influence of a factor.

Trying to get acquainted with the market immediately after trading with the market is absolutely useless. Each system consists of separate elements, blocks, which must be studied in advance. Typically, there are typical elements on Forex, which in different combinations can form different strategies. For example, such tools as lossless or lokirovanie, can be used in various methods of work. Learning to use these elements, a person, meeting any of them in the system, will be able to quickly understand what role he plays in a particular case.

Basic knowledge of the trader at the courses

Basic knowledge can be obtained by the trader using the courses conducted by the DC. Such measures are aimed at familiarizing people with the currency market, understanding the general principle of the interaction of the speculator and other participants in trade. Typically, a merchant system device is not understood in similar classrooms, leaving work with strategies for the future. It is impossible to immediately start working with complicated material without understanding the details of the device or its component parts.

Newbies will find out what a spread, swap, terminal, which are currency pairs and much more. Such information gradually creates a complete picture of events in the market. Some terms on Forex occur only in those cases when a person began to study some kind of narrow specialization. As long as people are interested in trading as a whole, he has nothing left, how to gain a trading experience, getting to know different methods of trading. Only in this case, the trader will be able to finally decide on the direction of their further professional development.

The process of trading training resembles student years when the general course offered by the faculty is offered, but only after that the specialization is chosen. In this case, basic knowledge is first given, various subjects are formed that form the human representation of the subjects of the faculty, and only then, when students get acquainted with all the material in abridged form, they are given the opportunity to study a certain direction more deeply.

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