The new strategy is a well-forgotten old system

Maybe in the foreign exchange market create something completely new, which has not met before in the market? This question does not rarely appear in people who are ready to look for new variants of trade, if the old ones are no longer capable of giving any positive results. Having tested a lot of systems, the speculator can already despair, believing that nothing helps to steady profit trading. In this case, the trader tries to come up with something of his own, sometimes losing in absolutely not logical extremes. There is a feeling that it makes no sense to look for something already existing.

On the one hand, it is difficult to immediately recall that such a useful traders in trading methods have been invented over the past few years. Tools often used by speculators are generally well-known and used by a large number of people. This means that many traders are in the same conditions, however, when using the same components of the strategy, the systems themselves turn out to be different. The peculiarity of creating a trading system lies in the application of the same elements, but the output will come out different options strategies.

     The system is a kind of constructor. Most of the details are well known to all market participants, and therefore, such items are available. On the other hand, different ways of combining, adding filters, and conditions allow you to hope for a new product that is not similar to others created by other traders of the same components. Indeed, if we remember that there are successful speculators, then it will be reasonable to hope to reach their level. Naturally, a lot of things will need to be learned, but there is nothing supernatural to the professionals, which means that every person has chances of success. Perhaps this is not so much in any special tools that are used in the work, but in the skills of the speculator. , help him to optimally pick up components of the system for effective market trading.

Sometimes you can observe a situation when the trader creates a trading system, and at the output receives a product that was already before it was printed. Probably the number of ideas related to trading is not infinite. Sooner or later it will be necessary to observe the similarity of their own thoughts with other people's ideas. Trading systems can differ and insignificant nuances while the very basis of strategy in both people will be one and the same. It is difficult to create something fundamentally new, but this is also not necessary. For profitable work in the market it is quite effective to use all that has already been created before us.

A look at studying in DC
Most brokerage companies offer training to their clients. Courses conducted by a lecturer at a dealership center (DC), as a rule, are introductory information that allows you to understand the principle of the structure of the market. For such training companies can take money from beginners traders, but they can provide a free opportunity to explore the features of Forex. By themselves, organizations providing brokerage or dealer services on the market do not set themselves the goal of earning money on courses. The cost of participation more resembles the incentive necessary for a person to learn more attentively to trade.

Dealing centers rarely find their customers, by offering all those who wish to go through their course of study. A person who is interested in trading is happy to attend free classes, and if he then decides to trade in the foreign exchange market, then it is more likely that he will choose his company, his training. Paid education from representatives of the DC can also be conditionally free. In this case, the cost of the course is credited to the novice's trading account. It turns out that a person has replenished his deposit, but for the process of learning he did not pay anything. This option is profitable for both speculators, not to "throw money into the wind", but to immediately put money into the account for its further trade.

     What can be expected from the courses of dealerships? Of course, the knowledge required for earning money on Forex, the teachers of DC, most likely, will not provide. On the other hand, a man will get acquainted with the market, understand his device, it will be easier for him to understand what steps should be taken in the future. A general idea of ​​the market, trading instruments, trade participants, and so on, all become clearer when there is a person who explains the material. Even the opportunity to ask a teacher is a very strong argument in favor of the courses.

Expectation of a person who has decided to study in DC should be moderate. Here it is necessary immediately to understand what exactly we will do what we will have as a result of training. Illusions, as a rule, lead traders only to disappointment in the market as a whole. Modern trading gives you many opportunities to study, and, for free. There are special sites dedicated to trading on Forex, magazines, and other sources useful for the speculator of information. Understanding what we get after undergoing training in DC will allow you not to be disappointed in the process of work.

Conclusion of a trading account with a deep drawdown
Interesting ads began to me periodically meet on the market. Their meaning is to offer traders whose accounts are in critical condition, transfer the management of the deposit to "professionals". Typically, locks are referred to as trading tools that are intended to be used by a "specialist". It is said that remuneration is obligatory for salvation of the account. Interesting topics to say. I would like to think a bit about such generous offers, to understand, what is the idea of ​​the people who have decided to take out the withdrawal of the deposit from losses.

     What does the daily trading on Forex differ from the measures taken by the trader to withdraw a drawdown account? The first impression is that there is no difference in these actions. The speculator in his work follows the signals of the trading system.

Strategies without major drafts:

    Strategy for D1
    Breakdown trading system
    Minute strategy

It does not matter whether a person with a deposit balance or a new account deals with it. In any case, the actions are systemic, and the choice of MM is the result of the readiness of the speculator for certain risks. Even if it is assumed that the expert will take out a settlement account using aggressive adjustments, then in any case, the principle of its action can not differ in the best of daily trading.

If the last statement is incorrect and the trader actually uses special trading methods when deducing the loss account, then the question arises why the speculator should not use the same method in his daily work on Forex? If the technical difference is not obvious, then what is the difference between such a proposal and the usual announcement of the services of remote control? Indeed, in fact, it is proposed to trade on a deposit, even if there capital has suffered several during the subsidence.

Most likely, it is precisely the psychological pressure that is being committed on a person who has already lost a significant part of his capital. Woe - the trader will be in a state of panic, wanting any way to return the money that had previously lost in the trade process. In a similar situation, not every speculator can remain cold-blooded. The proposal to withdraw the settlement account will be relevant, as well as very attractive to the trader.According to the announcement, the speculator has the impression that the people who offer such services, specializing in the findings of deposits from the state of subsidence.

Such offers should be evaluated in the same way as declarations of trust management. It is not necessary to grab for such an option, as for a salvage straw, since it is necessary first to make sure that in fact the person who offers his services is successful in his business. Using a simple psychological state of traders who have already lost a significant part of the money, fraudsters can show themselves in full measure.


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