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Why do you need to break the time of the market on conditional periods? It may seem that there is no difference at what time of day trading on Forex. On the other hand, talking about the monotony of quotes is just not easy. The trading session is called either the calendar day during which the currency market is operating or the time period is limited to a certain interval from the next interval suitable for our trade. For example, a person can say that he wants to work from 12-00 to 16-00 in his local time. This means that its trading session will be equal to the period between 12-00 and 16-00. Before the next trading session, he will have time, in this case is equal to 20 hours.

The choice of such a trading session can be characterized by different characteristics of the needs of the trader. For example, a trader needs a period of time during which the volatility of the market should be maximized by the instrument chosen by him. In this case, most likely, the speculator will stop choosing at the American session, attaching importance to the activity that US dealers have shown. There are strong trends, and rapid fluctuations in price movements. In such a dynamic market, breakthrough strategies will be prevailing, aimed at continuously overcoming significant price levels.

Time of work Forex - a table with all sessions on the Forex.

In most cases, traders choose time for their work in the market for two reasons. The first factor that influences decision making is the free time of a person he can give to trading. Agree that not every trader can engage in currency speculation, if at that time he completely absorbed the work. The second reason is to determine the optimal time for trading on the selected system. If the strategy was created for trading under the flute, then it is more likely to be used just in the Asian session.

In my personal view, of course, the best option for a trader will be the second option for choosing a trading session. It does not have to be rarely adapted to circumstances, but in this case, such a deed may end up blameless for the speculator. To work on Forex it is necessary at that time, in which comes out to act as efficiently as possible. If, for example, a person understands that his trading system is the best way to demonstrate positive results in the US session, and constant work does not allow transactions to be made at that time, then the trader falls into a disastrous situation.

Not always a speculator is able to adjust to the time it is available to trade for the day. Having the opportunity, for example, to work at Forex from 20-00 Moscow time., The trader may not pick up a strategy that will allow him to profitably trade in the market. Most often you have to adapt to the market, rather than choose a trading session for your trading only based on your own time opportunities. If a person has a real system, then it needs to be used, regardless of the exact time it is intended for.

Rumors and facts on the market
The foreign exchange market is constantly an object for rumors, speculation, assumptions. It is difficult to find an interpretive self-examiner, qualitative trading courses, and therefore, assumptions about optimal ways of working in the market do not subsist. Every speculator seeks information on which trading strategy can make money, and which system does not have to waste time. Stories that a trader is a friend who uses his work, for example, a wave analysis, even without proof, still affects beginners. Having heard the information that such a direction in trading is used by experienced speculators, but also justifies the hope, a person throws everything and snatches for a new chance.

Very often a situation occurs when a novice, having not yet managed to understand one strategy in the market, is taken to master another, about which he has heard that it is very profitable. Without checking whether these rumors are true, the trader takes on the study of a new system for him. Over time, switching the speculator from one variant to another, without stopping for a long time not on one of the systems. Rumors are dangerous not only by providing untrained information to people, but also by misleading them. On the one hand, in itself, the false information is harmful to the trade process, but the conclusions drawn by the trader are no less significant and heard a rumor.

Before you start using a system that your colleagues advised, it would be nice to make sure it's working. To do this, you can study the results of the trade of the person who responded positively to the strategy. As a rule, at the request to show at least some facts of successful work on this system, you will have to listen to an excuse, why it is impossible to do this. Facts are a must-have confirmation of the success of the managers who offer their services to potential investors. So why do traders who put their own capital in their own hands do not care about checking the profitability of their chosen instrument?

Every decision taken on the market will necessarily affect the performance of trading. It is impossible to taste every trading system on a deposit with money capital. Such checking of systems will cost the speculator costly money, time. In order not to spend resources on checking all available strategy options, one should look more closely at the issue of studying the facts that confirm the profitability of the system. This non-cunning way of filtering will allow the overwhelming majority of unsustainable strategies to be rejected.

Checking the idea
It is hard to even count how many trading ideas an average attempts to sell a trader until it dwells on the one that fully arranges it. Each trading system, downloaded and installed from the network, is a variant of the market, whose idea is embodied in the algorithm. Imagine how many different techniques, systems, algorithms were created, in the search for an optimal trading option on the market. People assumed, tested, tested, created conditions and constraints, came up with something new. Unfortunately, most strategies that can be found without difficulty in the Internet are unsuccessful experiments that did not meet their hopes.

     The idea of ​​how it is possible to profitably trade on Forex, may appear in different ways. For example, observing the market, the trader notices a certain pattern in the behavior of the market price after some event. Perhaps a person will notice the peculiarities in changing the volatility of the market at different times of the day. The second opportunity to get the idea is to communicate with colleagues at the forums. Here you can not only share experience, but also draw conclusions from the speculators. The third possibility is the theoretical training of the trader. When you study a book, article, notes about trading, a person may have the idea to try to trade in a certain way.

Every idea that a person thinks worthy of attention must be checked. There is no point in building a system on an unverified method, as we will spend both time and money. Not only that trade can not bring profit, so the new system will give us losses in the process of work. Testing must necessarily be based on statistics, taking into account the duration of the trial period, as well as the number of operations committed during that time. In the ideal case, a person can create a counselor using this method of work so that history testing is faster and accurate

     The idea is just a hypothesis that can be one of many. It is difficult to assess the perspective of a particular idea objectively, because we subconsciously still expect that they have found the class system. Man, however, would like to see in the results of the test the numbers that would have made him. In fact, one can not rely on such expectations that may turn out to be false. It would be best to objectively evaluate the perspective of a particular idea simply by testing it. Checking for Forex is not unnecessary, because it is best to check everything carefully before you begin to risk your money.

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